How to Use Apps to Print From a Mobile Device

Our smartphones aren't just phones - they're powerful computers. They don't, however, have printers that attach to them. To print, we still need a PC's printer. With some tips and tricks, though, you can print directly from your smartphone to your printer. We are going to focus on the Google Cloud print feature. Before you begin, you should have a Wi-Fi connection set up between your device and your printer. Here's how to print:

For Android:
You can use some apps to print from your Android device. Almost all of the apps listed here provide many features. They are:
1. PrinterShare Mobile Prin t- it is one of the best apps for this type of work. It supports many printers and can print any number of pages from a mobile device. It has a user friendly interface, so you will be easily able to use this app. Unfortunately you have to buy it if you want to use the full version.
2. Easy Print – it is a free app. You will find it on the Play Store. Despite being a free app it is very rich in features.
3. PrintJinni - Another free app that prints over Wi-Fi.

4. Google Cloud Print - if you have data connection on your mobile phone and printer, you can use this app for printing from your smartphone. It is the official mobile printing app from Google.

5. Cloud Printer add on - if you use the Firefox browser on your smartphone you can use an Add on named Cloud Printer. You will find it in your browser’s add on list. Install it, then from any page you want to print just click on the Cloud Printer add on icon and you will be able to print.

For iOS devices:

For iOS users, you can use an app named PrintCentral Pro to print from your iPhone. You have to pair your device and your printer through Wi-Fi before doing anything. It's a user friendly app that can print any document you throw at it.