How to Use Boosters in Candy Crush Saga

Boosters are one-time-use Candy Crush Saga pieces that can give you additional moves, special abilities, and even extra lives. Use the steps below to get boosters for your Candy Crush Saga game.

Step 1:
Facebook boosters can be acquired for free. Connect to your Facebook account and then play the Candy Crush Saga game right from the Facebook platform. You’ll get free boosters, plus an invitation to another game that will reward you with free lives and additional free boosters.

Step 2:
Spin the Booster Wheel once per day by playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook or by opening the app on your phone. Spin the wheel and click on Claim Prize to get your goodies.

Step 3:
A Facebook friend can send you two boosters while you play: 3+ Moves and Extra Lives. A friend can send you 3 extra moves to use in your game, or send you extra lives so you can keep on playing for longer.

Step 4:
You can be gifted one of ten Paid Boosters, which can give you jelly tile blasters (Jelly Fish Booster), striped candies (Coconut Wheel), or powerful candy crushers that can eliminate any piece in your way (Lollipop Hammer).

Step 5:
Some boosters can only be used at a certain level. Shuffle Candy boosters don’t activate until level 30, Bomb Cooler boosters can only be used after level 98, and you’ll have to wait until after level 130 to use your Mystery Candy booster.

Use the easy guide above to learn about boosters and start pumping up your Candy Crush Saga gameplay!