How to Use Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga


Pet Rescue Saga can be fun, and for many people, addicting. It also gets harder as you progress through the levels, so you may need a little help. This help comes in the form of boosters, and if you want to know how to use them, just read on.

1. Rocket- Once the rocket is unlocked, clear two groups of blocks. The first group of blocks is to bring it up, the second is to power it for use. Tap the rocket to bring it up. Use your finger to slide it to the desired area. Tap the green check mark to use it. This takes more steps in successive levels

2. Balloons- These balloons will remove all blocks of the same color as the balloon. Once unlocked and you have some, tap the icon to activate it. You will then knock out every block the same color as the balloon.

3. Hammer- Once you get one of these, tap to activate it and move it with your finger to the desired block to remove. Tap the green check mark to use it.

4. Line Blaster- Similar to the rocket, only this time it removes obstacles as well. Follow the same steps as with the rocket to use this booster.

5. Mesh Masher- This looks like a pair of wire snips, used to open cages with animals inside. Tap the icon, slide over to the cage, and tap the green check mark.

6. Master Key- Allows you to unlock barriers. Tap the icon, move it to the lock, and tap the green check mark. This unlocks the barrier, allowing you to progress.