How to use Doze in Android Nougat


With smartphones becoming more powerful every year, getting a full day of use out of them can be quite the challenge. Enter Doze. Android’s way of squeezing as much time out of a smartphone battery as possible. Doze was first introduced in Android Marshmallow but has been tweaked and tuned in Android Nougat to offer even more battery saving power. If you would like to know how to use Doze in Android Nougat, this tutorial is for you.

Doze is Android’s way of turning everything off when not in use to save battery. It balances always being ready for use with standby and does credibly well I think. The clever thing is that it overrides app settings for the good of you, the user and puts your needs first. It works even on apps that think they are more important than you, like the Facebook app for example.

Use Doze in Android Nougat
First off, the good thing about Doze is that you need to do nothing to get some battery saving features as it works automatically. What Android Nougat brings with it is the ability to tune it per app. Now you can have some apps interrupt you while others cannot. That way you really can tweak your device to how you use it.

Here’s how.

1. Navigate to Settings and Battery.
2. Tap the menu button and select ‘Battery optimization’.
3. Tap the gray menu at the top and select ‘All apps’. This shows all the apps on your device. They should also read ‘Optimizing for battery use’ underneath. This means Doze is already working some of its magic.
4. Tap any app you don’t want to Doze and select ‘Don’t optimize’. It will no longer be turned off during standby and will receive alerts as they arrive.

Doze is good because it needs no input from users to save battery. Android Nougat added even more goodness by allowing you to tweak each app individually so you can use apps and your device exactly as you see fit. That’s the mark of a good operating system in my eyes!

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