How to Use Google Wallet in a Store

Once you’ve set up your Google Wallet account and downloaded the app to your compatible Android device, you’re ready to start using the program to make digital payments for goods. Use the steps below to use Google Wallet and Android for in-store payments.

Step 1
First of all, make sure the store you are shopping in supports Google Wallet NFC payments. You can find out which retailers support this technology from this page. ( Don’t worry that it’s a Mastercard PayPass site: the two technologies use the same pay terminals.

Step 2
Once you’ve found a store that accepts Google Wallet payments, go to the checkout counter with the items you wish to purchase. Wait for the clerk to scan all of your items, as you would wait to pay with a credit card.

Step 3
When it is time for you to pay, turn on or wake up your device and hold the back of it up against the NFC contactless reader. The terminal should either ask you for a PIN (enter your Wallet PIN, not your debit card PIN) or should beep to confirm the payment.

Electronic payment methods are becoming more and more popular in physical retail stores everywhere. Apple, for instance, just launched its own NFC payment method, called Apple Pay.. So if you left your cards and cash at home, or just don’t want to carry as much stuff in your pockets from now on, use the steps above to pay with Google Wallet!

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