How to use multi-window in Android Nougat


We all multitask now, usually a browser, game, messaging app and the weather or something. Some phones like some of the Samsung flagships have been able to multitask for a while now but Android 7.0 brings it to the masses. As long as your phone has the horsepower to run a couple of apps at a time, it will be able to. If you want to use multi-window in Android Nougat, here’s how.

For once, Android is a little late to the party. Windows OS has had multi-windows since 2012 and iOS introduced it in 2015. Now, finally, Android has also joined in. There are a couple of things to note for early users though. Not all apps are yet compatible with multi-window and a couple of phones have trouble resizing the apps side to side. Other than that it’s all good.

Use multi-window in Android Nougat
Effectively, Nougat splits your screen in half and treats each half as a separate process. If you hold your device horizontally, it places the apps side by side. If you stick to the vertical the apps are split top and bottom.

1. Open an app on your device and long press the overview button (square button bottom right).
2. Drag the app to one side of your screen. It should snap into place and a black bar should appear showing you the center of the screen.
3. Locate another app from the multitasking tray that appears or from the app tray.

If you use the app tray, the first app slides away and gives you full screen to find the second app. As soon as you open that second app, it slides into place beside or above or below the first app depending on your screen orientation.

As mentioned, not all apps play nicely with multi-window yet but now Nougat is rolling out, apps should begin updating to become fully compatible.

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