How to Use Multiple Pairs of Headphones with One Device

The impulse to share music with others is as natural as our personal reactions to the music itself. In a way, it’s become more difficult to do this in the modern age, since everyone has their own music on their own device. However, if you want to be able to enjoy a song or an album with someone else on the go, there are still ways to use multiple pairs of headphones with one phone or mp3 player.


Step 1
Buy a “headphone splitter.” You’ll have lots of options to choose from, from big brand names like Belkin and Monster. Find one that’s a bestseller—or at very least, one with a good customer review rating—and purchase it. (It’s not a bad idea to look for one with a warranty, as well.) You should be able to find a decent splitter for under $10.

Step 2
After the splitter arrives in the mail, plug the connector end into your device. Your splitter should have one connector and two headphone jacks. Plug a pair of headphones into each of the jacks, just as you would normally plug them directly into your device.

Step 3
Choose a song on your device and press play. Test both pairs of headphones. The same song should be playing through both.

Headphone splitters aren’t seen a whole lot these days, but they’re a great way to share music with someone else—especially when you are on the go. And considering how cheap these accessories are, there’s no reason not to have one lying around, just in case you ever have occasion to use it.