How to Use Power-ups in Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam stars a cuddly bear that has a passion for baking and needs your help gathering ingredients. This is a puzzle matching game, which means that you must match three or more of the same color or type of items together to make a match. There are also power-ups to use in the game, so follow these simple instructions to learn what they are and how to use them.

1. Levels- After a certain number of levels, a new power-up will be available to use. You get a certain amount for free, but after that you have to use coins. The power-ups are:

2. Oven Mitt- Swaps two non-matching cookies. Tap the Oven Mitt and swap the cookies you need to make a match.

3. Rolling Pin- Clears an entire row of cookies. Tap the Rolling Pin and tap the row you wish to clear.

4. Piping Bag- Does the same as Rolling Pin, but a vertical column. Tap the Piping Bag; tap the column you wish to clear.

5. +5 – Used before starting a level. Tap to activate and you’ll have five extra moves to use in the round.

6. Whipped Cream- Smashes any five cookies that are next to each other. Tap the Whipped Cream Can icon; tap the
area you wish to clear.

7. Wooden Spoon- Removes one cookie. Tap the Wooden Spoon icon; tap the cookie you wish to get rid of.

8. Gobstopper- Eliminates all cookies of a single color. Tap the Gobstopper icon; tap the color cookie to remove it.