How To Use Seeds In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition are a random combination of numbers and letters that help you to start off your game in various different environments. Use the following guide to use seeds effectively.

Step 1: Click New to create a world after launching Minecraft. You will see a screen appear prompting you to enter a new name for your game, and a field with the label “Seed.” Make sure to click the Creative button, which is next to the Survival button.

Step 2: Determine which seed you want. Seeds alter the terrain that you find yourself in when you load your new game in Minecraft. You might be in a desert, in a forest, or out on an island depending on the seed you enter. Before you enter a seed, look online for resources that list seeds and the corresponding environment that each seed creates. Some are simple, and others involve glitches or cheats.

Step 3: Enter the seed combination in the Seed field. When you are researching which seed you want to input, you will see a combination of letters or numbers, such as 1408106526. That seed in particular results in a setting that features a mountain village and floating islands. Other seeds include “nyan” and “Watergate.”

Step 4: Start the game and enjoy your seed as you spawn into new environmental terrain. Part of the beauty of Minecraft Pocket Edition is this kind of seed-based creativity!

Recap: Follow the steps above to start using seeds to create exciting new worlds in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
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