How to Use Spotlight on your MacBook Pro

Spotlight is a great all in one search tool and it can easily replace your MacBook’s system search bar. Spotlight can be used to search through your entire laptop for any file, folder, or application just like any other search bar. Additionally, it can also search through the browser history and bring up links relevant to your search, find definitions from the dictionary, and directly search from the web as well. Spotlight also hosts some great features like showing the details of an object when a mouse cursor is pointed at it. So, let us how to use Spotlight and its various features.

Step 1
To open the Spotlight app, you can either click on the magnifying glass symbol which can be found on the right corner of the top menu bar, or you can simply use the shortcut ‘Command + Space-Bar’.

Step 2
A dialog box will open up where you can type whatever it is you need to search for, and press 'Enter' to start the search.

Step 3
A bigger dialog box will open up where the relevant search results will be displayed. You can double click on any of the results to open it or you command click to reveal its location. If you simply hover your mouse cursor over it, various information about the file, folder, or app will be shown.

Step 4
You can also adjust the type of file you want to search through Spotlight. This option is available in the System Preferences tab, where you can click on the Spotlight icon and then untick all the various types of files you don’t want Spotlight to search, thereby narrowing your search.

Spotlight is a quicker and better way to search for anything using your MacBook. Use it today!
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