How to use the overview button in Android Nougat


The changes to the overview button in Android 7.0 may seem small but will have far-reaching benefits for power users. Alongside multi-window, these changes show Google’s commitment to multitasking on phones which is great news for those who live on and with, their phones. Here is how to use the overview button on Android Nougat.

The overview button is closely tied to multi-window as you might expect. You can hold it down to activate multi-window and use it to switch between apps in an Android-like Alt-Tab in Windows. If you run multiple apps or multiple browser tabs at once, this is going to be a real time saver.

Use the overview button in Android Nougat
The overview button is the square button in the black bar along the bottom of your device screen. Already widely used in previous versions of Android, with Android 7.0 is has a new trick up its sleeve.

• Tap the overview button once to flip between your current app and a previous one.
• Tap the overview button continuously to cycle through all open apps in order of use. You will see a thin countdown bar that reduces the longer each app is open. Leave the app open and it will automatically become the active app.
• Long press the overview button to open your current app in multi-window.
• Tap the overview button to continuously cycle through apps even in split screen.

Like many of the updates in Android Nougat, this is a small one but will have a real effect on how we use our phones. It seems Google have really been paying attention to how we use them!

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