How to Use the Voice Search Option on Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV is a very famous digital media player that was developed by Amazon. The chief objective of it was to provide digital audio, video contents through the Internet. It would convey these media contents to the television. Additionally, the user is also allowed to play remote controlled games which have attracted a lot of kids and youngsters. The devices come with the Fire TV, a set-top box and the Fire TV Stick.

The biggest success of this product has been due to its interesting features and easy handling of the entire system. One of the best interesting features of the Amazon Fire Stick is that it provides the option of voice search for the users. People find this very useful since they need not type through the remote to navigate to an option. Instead, they can navigate by pronouncing their needed action. Here is how to initiate the voice search on the movie of your choice.

Step 1
In your Fire TV Remote App, press the ‘Microphone’ button to begin the voice search for movies. On pressing the microphone button, you can speak out any settings menu or options to which you want to navigate.

Step 2
In the Amazon Fire TV, you will find the list of movies available for the voice search. Select the movie to perform the voice search for it.

Step 3
In the Amazon Fire TV, you will find the voice results that are generally processed from the cloud. You will find the voice search listening process to happen for the chosen movie. As the process of listening begins, you can speak out the necessary action you wish to be performed.

You can now easily perform the voice search for the movie of your choice by following the above steps thereby navigating to the different parts of Netflix in a very rapid manner.
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