How To Use Touch ID On MacBook Pro

You can go faster on MacBook Pro by using Touch ID instead of your password. Touch ID can be used to pay for purchases by using their fingerprint. You can buy from the App Store, iTunes store, iBooks - and other websites offering Apple Pay - with your Touch ID to authenticate the purchase instead of your Apple ID.

As long you are logged in to your MacBook Pro, you can use Touch ID whenever you are asked for a password.

First, here is how to set up your Touch ID.


Ensure your finger is dry and clean for easy setup.
1.”Click Apple menu”. Find the Apple menu on the top-left corner of your desktop. Click it. A drop-down menu will appear.

2.”Select Preferences”. Find the System Preferences option on the list and click it. A window with tools and apps should come up.

3.”Click Touch ID”. Find ”Touch ID” on the bottom-left corner and click on it. The Touch ID window comes up.

4. ”Click the + sign to add fingerprint”. Click the plus sign. This displays a new window to add your fingerprint.

5.”Add Touch ID”. Add your fingerprint by placing your finger on the Touch ID on the keyboard.

Now that you’ve set up your Touch ID successfully, here are ways to get the best out of your Touch ID.

Touch ID for Unlocking Mac

6. ”Wake up Mac”. Open the lid on your Mac and press any key on the keyboard. This wakes the computer from sleep mode.

7. ”Log in with Touch ID”. Put your finger gently on the Touch ID key on the keyboard. This should log you in to the computer.

Bear in mind that you’ll need passwords to log in if you start up, log out or restart your computer.

You can use Touch ID to unlock other features on your Mac including System Preferences, password-protected Notes and the password area in Safari preferences.

[b ]Buy from App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store with Touch ID. [/b]

You can use your Touch ID in place of your Apple ID to buy from these stores.

8. ”Click Apple menu”. Find the Apple menu on the top-left hand corner of your window and click on it. This displays a drop-down list.

9. “Select App Store”. Find App Store on the list and click on it. You can also take the shortcut on the dock. This will take you to the App Store to make your purchase.

10. “Click an item on App Store”. Pick on the item you want to buy and click on it. This takes you to the product’s page.

11. “Click on buy”. Find the buy button and click it. A prompt to enter your Touch ID will come up.

12. “Click OK”. Click the ok option from the dialog box. This should take you to another window to input your Touch ID.

13. “Use your Touch ID”. Make your payment with your Touch ID instead of the Apple ID.

You have successfully made your purchase by using your fingerprint!
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