How to Use Virtual Walls with a Roomba

iRobot is the company behind Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner designed to automatically clean one or more rooms within a home. Roomba is designed to leave its Home Base, clean the room or rooms specified, “seeing” dirt and moving to clean it, returning to its Home Base once the floor of the room or rooms is clean. It is not very tall, allowing it to get at areas normally difficult or impossible to get to without moving furniture around or possibly hurting oneself maneuvering to get at the area. A user may want to block off certain areas, and this is achieved with Virtual Walls, additional devices that are read by the Roomba so the unit does not pass this invisible barrier, and the following instructions will help you learn how to use these.
1. Set up- Insert the batteries for each Virtual Wall you will be using, then flip the switch to the On or Auto position.
2. Placement- Place the Virtual Wall on the opposite side of the room that you don’t want the Roomba to go into. For example, if you don’t want the Roomba to go into a hallway from the living room, place the Virtual Wall on the hallway side of the door or entry point.
3. Additional placement accuracy- There is an arrow on the Virtual Wall unit. Ensure the arrow is pointing toward the doorway or entry way. The Roomba will “read” this Virtual Wall and not enter the room or area where the Virtual Wall is set up.