How to use VPN in Android Nougat


For the security conscious, a VPN isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Whether you have something to hide or not, privacy is a right not a privilege. I’m one of those that has nothing to hide but see no reason why the state should know what I’m doing or who I’m doing it with. If you’re of a similar mind, here’s how to use VPN on Android Nougat.

If you’re using Android N already, you have three options. The built-in VPN tools within Android, your VPN service’s Android app or Opera’s new free VPN app. To use the former you will need access to a VPN service. A VPN service app should need no introduction. The latter does everything for you but is new so I’ll cover that.

Use VPN in Android Nougat
First let us look at built-in VPN options within Android. The phone OS supports both L2TP and PPTP so will play nicely with most VPN services.

1. Navigate to Settings, More under Wireless & Networks then VPN.
2. Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right and add your VPN account details and Save.
3. Connect to the VPN to test. You will see a ‘VPN activated’ icon in your notification shade. Tap it to disconnect.

You can restrict all data use to a VPN if you use it a lot while on the move.

1. Navigate to Settings, More under Wireless & Networks then VPN.
2. Tap the three dot menu button and select Always-on VPN.
3. Follow the wizard should one appear.

Opera Free VPN
Opera have offered a few VPN service to iOS users for a couple of months and now includes Android into the fold.
1. Navigate to the Google Play Store for the Opera Free VPN app.
2. Download and install.
3. Tap the app icon, agree the terms and allow it to use Android’s VPN features.
4. Select a server and that’s it.

Opera is currently collecting anonymized data to help develop the app and presumably to pay to keep the lights on. It is still more secure than a Wi-Fi hotspot though!

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