How to Video Chat in Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular messaging app. What really brought people into Snapchat was the fact that photos or “snaps” taken are erased within just a few seconds after being viewed. Users can send pictures, text, edit and draw on pictures, and even take short videos to send to their friends. To learn how to video chat, just read and follow these simple steps:

1. Opening up the app- Tap the Snapchat icon to open up the app.

2. Requirements- For a video chat, you and the friend you want to video chat with must both be using the app at the same time.

3. Starting video chat- Swipe your finger to the right on the person’s name you will be chatting with. There will be a yellow icon that changes to blue when you and your friend are both on. Press and hold the blue circle to initiate the chat. When your friend does the same, you will be in a two-way chat. Note: The chat will end if you remove your finger from the screen unless in locked position. To find out how to lock position, go to step 4.

4. Locking position- To lock the chat in place and be able to take your finger off the screen, move your finger down to the lock icon, then release your finger.