How to View and Restore Recently Deleted Photos in iOS 11

Your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 allows you to view and restore the deleted photos. When you delete a photo, it is moved to the Recently Deleted container which is a built-in album in your iDevice. The deleted photos remain in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days from the date of deletion, after which they are permanently removed from your device.
During this 30 days’ period, you can view the deleted photos, and can even restore them in case you change your mind.
Here’s how you can view and restore the recently deleted photos from your iOS 11 device:
    Open the Photos app
    Tap Photos from the Home screen. This opens the Photos app that contains multiple default and user-created folders called ‘albums’. These albums contain photos and videos that you’ve captured using your iDevice.

    Get to the Recently Deleted album
    Tap the Albums icon from the bottom, and then tap the Recently Deleted album from the Albums window. This opens the Recently Deleted album that contains all the photos and videos you’ve deleted within past 30 days.


    View the deleted photos
    Tap the thumbnail of any photo in the folder. This opens the picture in full-view mode. You can view the other photos in the folder by swiping your finger to the left or right on the screen.


    Restore all deleted photos
    Tap the Select option from the top-right corner, and tap Recover All. This restores all the contents of the Recently Deleted folder to their original albums.


    Restore only the selected images

Tap the Select option from the top-right corner of the Recently Deleted album, individually tap each photo you want to recover, and tap Recover from the bottom-right. Tapping the photos individually allows you to select only the ones you want to restore (the selected photos are marked as checked), and tapping the Recover option restores the selected photos to their original albums.