How to Watch Video in 4K Ultra HD on Fire TV

4K Ultra High Definition also known as 4K Ultra HD or UHD offers picture resolution of about 2160p which is about four times more than what you will get with HD. You will need a television that is compatible with UHD which means it should have at least one HDMI input HDCP 2.2 support. To watch 4K Ultra HD content you will also need a high-speed Internet connection with a minimum of 15 Mbps. If you have all the other requirements, here is how to set your Fire TV to watch 4K Ultra HD.

1. Make sure your HDMI is connected to HDCP 2.2 Port
You need to understand that it is not all your HDMI ports that may have HDCP 2.2 support. If you connect your Fire TV to the wrong HDMI port it will still not display in 4k Ultra HD even when your settings are right. In general, the ports that have HDCP 2.2 support for most TV brands are as follows;
  • ■ Samsung: All ports or the MHL port
    ■ LG: For most models it is the port 1
    ■ Sony: For most models it is Ports 1 and 2

2. Open the menu
On the main screen, by the left panel you will see a lot of options. Scroll down to ‘Settings’ option which is at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to reveal a new set of options.

3. Choose the ‘Display & Sounds’
‘Display & Sounds’ is the first option in the square tiles that will appear once you click on ‘Settings’. The ‘Display & Sounds’ allows you to personalize your screensaver, optimize display, and manage audio settings. The moment you click on this option, it will bring out a new set of options.

4. Scroll to Display
The display option allows you to either set your ‘Video Resolution’ or ‘Calibrate Display’. Select the ‘Video Resolution’ option. This option allows you to choose the resolution that you want applied on your television. You can always return to this option to change your resolution if for any reason you get tired with the 4K Ultra HD display.

5. Select Auto
Selecting ‘Auto’ which is the first in the list of resolutions will automatically use the optimal resolution for your TV which is up to 4K Ultra HD. It is usually the default option but, peradventure, someone has tampered with your menu you will need to select the option again.
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