How to Wrap Headphones so They Don't Get Tangled

When it comes to headphones—earbuds especially—cords seem to find new and exciting ways to tangle themselves every time you put them away. Use the tips and tricks below to avoid such tangling in the future.

Step 1
Many people solve the tangling headphone problem by wrapping their phones around another object. Back when most people had separate phones and mp3 players, the most popular option was to wrap the headphones around the iPod. Now, since most people use their phones as mp3 players, this isn’t the best option. However, you can still wrap your headphones around anything will similar dimensions to a phone, from a durable piece of cardboard to a hotel keycard.

Step 2
Another cool method to try is a sort of figure-eight wrapping pattern. Stick out the index and pinky fingers of your hand and start wrapping your headphones in an “over/under” pattern: over the index finger under and around the pinky finger, and under and around the index finger. Rinse and repeat. You want to end up with the headphone jack end sticking out, so you can loop it through the eight loops and prevent the whole thing from unwinding.

Step 3
One other option is just to look for headphones with anti-tangle designs. Many earbud pairs nowadays—especially the more expensive ones—come with small pieces of plastic or rubber that you can slide up the cords when you aren’t wearing the phones. This system essentially connects the two headphone wires at the phones, making it more difficult for them to tangle. These headphones also often come with a pouch designed for holding the wrapped headphones, which can make sure they don’t become tangled with other items.

Tangled headphones can be a minor inconvenience or a huge problem, depending on how long it takes you to unravel them. To avoid all of that wasted time, use one of the above methods to wrap your headphones and keep them from becoming tangled every time they aren’t in use.