I Messed up All Virtual DJ Settings. What Should I Do and How?

It is quite obvious that one day or the other you will definitely mess up all the settings of your application (not only on Virtual DJ but on all other software applications too) if you are using it very frequently and especially for professional purposes.

Keeping this situation in mind, almost all the applications that are developed nowadays have a Factory Setting button that allows you to revert the all the settings of the program back to the default. When th button is pressed, the application settings get refreshed and the program starts behaving as it was installed on the computer of the first time.

Virtual DJ is not an exception either.

If you are working with Virtual DJ for a very long time and have modified almost all its settings, the chances are that the entire configuration of the program might get messed up, leaving you in the middle of nowhere. This may also happen if you are entirely new to the software, and are just playing around with the features and sound effects that it has.

Whatsoever the reason may be, if all the settings of your instance of Virtual DJ are messed up, it becomes unusable until you either reinstall the program right from the start, or you follow the instructions given in this tutorial revert the settings back to default.

Here’s what you need to do to revert all the settings in Virtual DJ back to default (factory settings):

    ■Log on to the computer on which Virtual DJ is installed.

    ■Initialize the Virtual DJ application by double-clicking its icon. (In most cases shortcut icon of Virtual DJ is automatically placed on the desktop.).

    ■From the opened interface, click the CONFIG button present at the top of the Virtual DJ window.

    ■On the opened Settings box, go to the Info tab.

    ■From the displayed interface, click the Reset to Factory settings button.

    ■Wait till the program closes itself and reopens.

    ■Once Virtual DJ interface comes back again, you can start using the program normally.

NOTE: Beware that unlike other applications, Virtual DJ does not prompt you with the confirmation box when you click Reset to Factory settings button. The application is set to the factory settings as soon as you press the button. Therefore make sure you do not hit the Reset to Factory settings button in error in order to avoid any accidental configuration loss.
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