Increase Screen Contrast In iOS 11

Increasing the contrast in your iDevice running iOS 11 means making the texts and icons a bit more clearly visible. This is useful for those who find it hard to view the objects with the default display settings.
When you increase the contrast, the transparency level is optimized, thus making the icons and other texts more prominent.
Here’s how you can increase the screen contrast in your iOS 11 device:
    Get to the General window
    Tap Settings > General. This opens the General window that enables you to manage general settings that are effective across the device.


    Get to the Accessibility window
    Tap Accessibility. This opens the Accessibility window that lets you customize your device’s settings to make its accessibility easy.

    Get to the Increase Contrast window
    Tap Increase Contrast from under the VISION category. This opens the Increase Contrast window. From here you can manage the contrast related settings for your iDevice.

    Increase the contrast
    Tap the Reduce Transparency toggle button. This reduces the transparency level of the objects’ background of your device to the optimal level, thus making them more clearly visible to the viewers. Optionally you can also enable the Darken Colors toggle button to further improve the visibility.



    Notice the changes

Press the Home button (or swipe up the Gesture Bar in iPhone X). This takes you back to the Home screen where you can notice the changes in the display, and the way the icons are visible.