Install a Keyboard on Your Samsung Galaxy Gear

If you're a big texter, you might want a keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy Gear. First, the virtual keyboard must be installed on any compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is connected to your Galaxy Gear, and you can then use the keyboard on your Galaxy Gear seamlessly.

The app that is used as a virtual keyboard for your Galaxy Gear is called Fleksy and can be installed easily on your smartphone using the Gear Manager app. Once installed, Fleksy reflects the virtual keyboard interface on your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Assuming that you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is compatible to your Samsung Galaxy Gear, you can install a keyboard on your smartwatch by following the step-by-step instructions given below:

    ■Connect your Samsung Galaxy Gear with the compatible Android smartphone.
    ■On the smartphone, tap the Menu icon to go to the Menu screen.
    ■When opened, tap Gear Manager to launch the app.
    ■Once the app opens up, tap Samsung Apps under the App and settings section.
    ■On the opened App Store page, search for the Fleksy app in the Utilities category.
    ■When found, install the app on your smartphone and start using the Fleksy keyboard on your Galaxy Gear.