Keep Siri from Searching Inside Particular Apps in iOS 11

When you ask Siri to search for something, a.k.a. Spotlight Search, it looks everywhere, including your iPhone/iPad’s local apps and storage. Although this default setting broadens the scope of searches Siri performs and provides wide range of results, sometime such outcomes overpopulate the screen with unnecessary information, thus making it hard for you to get to the stuff you are looking for.
Fortunately you can choose which apps Siri should skip when it searches something for you, and here’s how it can be done:
    Get to the Settings window
    Tap Settings from the Home screen. This opens the Settings window that works as a control panel to manage, customize, and personalize your iDevice.

    Get to Siri & Search window
    Tap Siri & Search. This opens the Siri & Search window. The options given here help you configure and customize Siri to best fit your needs. The Spotlight Search option that was earlier found in the General window is now present in the Settings window as Siri & Search.

    Eliminate apps from Siri search (Spotlight Search)

Scroll down to the list of apps under the SIRI SUGGESTIONS section, tap the app you want Siri to skip while searching, and tap to turn off the Siri & Search Suggestions toggle button in the next window that appears (App Store for this example). Doing so keeps the contents from the selected app from appearing in the Siri search results and suggestions. You can disable as many apps as needed. However, you must repeat the process for each app individually.


Note: Some apps’ windows in the list may have multiple toggle buttons. You can leave them enabled or disable them according to your personal preference.