Listening to Music on Google Glass via Play App

The MyGlass App can be used on both Android and iOS devices. There is also a MyGlass website that you can visit, but for the purposes of this instructional tutorial, we will be exclusively discussing how to play music from the app. Please note that the use of Google Glass does seem to be tough on battery life, but it is a highly effective app.


Step 1
To get started, first open the Google Play App.

Step 2
Be sure that you are connected to the internet, whether it is through WiFi or Bluetooth; otherwise you will not be able to use Glass.

Step 3
Once Google Glass is downloaded and you follow the step-by-step tutorial, you are able to give speaking commands to request what songs you want to listen to. The trigger phrase is, “Okay Glass, play music.”

Recap: Google Glass also saves any listened to play lists and has an easy to access display. To go along with the app, Google has introduced high quality stereo earbuds that can be purchased for $85.