Lock Your Windows 8 Laptop

There may be instances when you want to lock your laptop if you are leaving your PC alone for a while, and you do not want anybody else to peep at your computer screen and see what you are doing.

Locking a Windows 8 laptop is simple and requires just a few mouse clicks. Once laptop is locked, you can unlock it by providing the correct password in the password field when prompted.

Here is how you can lock your Windows 8 laptop:

    ■Assuming that you are already logged in to your Windows 8 laptop.
    ■On the desktop screen, hover the mouse to the top-right corner or bottom-right corner of the interface.
    ■From the available Charms bar, click Start.

    ■Once the Start screen comes up, click your username from the top-right corner of the interface.
    ■Click the Lock option from the displayed list to lock the laptop instantaneously.


You can also lock your Windows 8 laptop by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously on your keyboard. No matter which method you follow to lock your Windows 8 laptop, the process of unlocking the computer remains the same.