Logging, Recording and Tracking Fitbit Flex Activities

The Fitbit Flex is a sleek, appealing wristband that fits snugly to your wrist. Without a clear screen, you might wonder how to track your activity on this new device. Using Fitbit.com, you will be able to track your activity both manually and automatically.

Step 1: First, determine what type of recording you want to use. Automatic recording works if you are jogging, walking or running, because it measures step count. For activities that burn calories but don’t require recording steps, like tennis or yoga, you can use manual recording. Manual recording is also useful if you have forgotten to track your exercise when you begin.

Step 2: Navigate to the Activities page on your Fitbit.com dashboard. You will find this under the Log menu.

Step 3: Under “Log Activities,” search for a common activity or search for your activity. Select it from the search box, or enter your own custom activity.

Step 4: Enter the duration, distance and start time of your activity. You can record the number of calories burned as well.

Step 5: Click Log Activity. You can now view and edit the activity in the Logged Activities area.

Recap: Manually recording and tracking your activity on the Fitbit Flex takes a little extra work, but can ultimately be more accurate than relying on the step counts of the automatic tracking. You can use both recording types to optimize your activity tracking.