MacBook Battery Running Out Quickly? Here’s How to Fix

The MacBook Pro of Apple is certainly sleeker than before with a wide Retina display, Multiple USB-ports and a quick SSD storage and most important of all a ten hour battery life. But it so happens that you are unable to get the desired battery life from your MacBook and there being lots of ways of trouble shooting them. Apple has attributed its battery life to reduced brightness and a light internet load when it comes to checking mail, browsing the web or using Intel graphic cards. The life of the battery will be considerably lessened if your screen is at 100% when you download gigs or are transcoding videos with poor Wi-Fi connection.

Getting the Best out of your MacBook Battery

The menu bar of your Mac shows the percentage of battery life left and checking on it will provide the estimated time left. Since you are using your Mac extensively you feel the battery is lasting half the time estimated so the sensible way is to just walk away for half an hour or so and come back and note the amount of battery left with your MacBook asleep. If the battery drains faster even with the Macbook not in use then you need to follow a few steps.

1. Restart

At times it is seen that restarting is a simple procedure that proves to be a kick start or a simple solution to a problematic issue.

• Click on the menu button located on the left corner of the screen
• Click on Restart
• To confirm, click on the restart button on the popup menu

The countdown begins from the popup window allowing the computer to complete the task. You can end and reboot the machine by immediately clicking on the Restart button. You can repeat these steps to see if the battery drain has come back to normal.

2. Keep a Check on your Usage

Mac’s ‘battery shaming’ is a great way to check which app is using more power allowing users to fix such problems.

• Click the Battery icon on the right of the Menu bar
• Click on the app to observe its battery usage

At times there are certain reasons for quick battery usage like rendering videos or transcoding or several tabs open consecutively. Deleting apps not in use is also a good way to improve battery life.

3. Update Almost Everything

To maximize battery life it is recommended to run the latest and newer MacOS, Final Cut Pro, Office, Photoshop and other such heavy duty apps. The process of Mac app store updates and MacOS updates is quite simple

• Go to the App Store
• Click on updates on the top
• Click Update an all apps you wish to update
• Enter the Apple ID pass word if required

4. Use Native Apps

Consider using Safari as it is easier on battery life as compared to Chrome that is a cross platform working like an Internet Explorer. Apple uses Safari for its MacOS coding it in a way to make it as efficient as possible. So it is best to run Safari when browsing normally and Chrome if you are doing Google work that is heavy. Similarly slack tends to drain your batteries very fast. The same can be stated for Final Cut Pro X vs Premier or Acorn vs Photoshop as these are better light weight options.

How can you Extend Your MacBook Battery Life

• Turning down the screen brightness
• If you are not online turn off the Wi-Fi
• When listening to music or some audio replace speakers with headphones

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