Make a Call with Your Samsung Galaxy Gear

Unlike most smartwatches available out there in the market, if you hav ae Samsung Galaxy Gear S, you can make phone calls right from your smartwatch . With the Samsung Galaxy Gear S, you can even make phone calls without connecting it to any Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The process to make calls with your Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch is simple:

    ■Connect the Samsung Galaxy Gear with the compatible Android handset via Bluetooth. (In the case of Samsung Galaxy S, connecting the smartwatch with your smartphone is not mandatory.)
    ■Tap and swipe the Clock screen of the Samsung Galaxy Gear to the left to go to Menu.
    ■From the Menu screen, swipe to locate Contacts and tap to select the located option.
    ■Once the screen is displayed with the contacts list, slide the screen to the up or down to get to the contact who you wish to call.
    ■Once found, tap the contact.
    ■From the next screen, tap the saved phone number of the selected contact.
    ■Once the call is made, optionally, tap Speaker icon from the top-left corner to enable the loudspeaker on your watch.
    If you wish to manually type a number to make a call to a person whose contact information is not saved, you can:
    ■Swipe the screen up on the Clock screen to display the keyboard.
    ■On the opened keyboard screen, type the desired number manually and tap the Phone icon to make a call to the target person.