Make a Quadcopter Stable While Hovering

In most cases, your quadcopter drone will have no difficulty maintaining a stable elevation and position while hovering in the air. However, if you find that your quadcopter is leaning in one direction or another, or is just having difficulty maintaining a stable hovering height, that is a sign that something is going wrong with the drone. Use the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1
Try swapping out propellers, either by replacing them or by simply moving them around to different rotors. There is a possibility that one or two of your props is damaged and is not able to provide as much lift to your quadcopter as the other two or three. In such cases, one or two of your motors will have to work considerably harder than the others, which can cause issues with stable hovering—and issues with the overall health of your copter.

Step 2
Check your owner’s manual for how to run accelerator and ESC (electronic speed control) calibration. These calibrations will allow you to essentially set the way your motors will run, and if there’s something going wrong, it could simply be a sign that your calibrations are out of whack.

Step 3
Sometimes, the motors of quadcopters can just need some proper oiling and lubrication. Look around in your owner’s manual for tips on how to disassemble your copter and lubricate the motors, or do a Google search to see if there is a guide for how to do so for your specific model.

Ultimately, Google will be your best friend if you can’t seem to stabilize your copter. You will be able to find out if other owners of your model have had similar problems, and what they did to fix those problems. Just take care not to do anything that would void your warranty—if your warranty is still valid, that is—because it could be that a warranty replacement is the best way to get your copter working again.