Manage Search Engine in Safari in iOS 11

Safari, the default web browser in your iOS 11 device, uses Google as its default search engine. Although Google being one of the leading search engines across the planet can be the best platform to search stuff online, you may have a different preference.
Fortunately in iOS 11 you to pick your preferred search engine, and Safari will always use it while searching online. At the time of this writing, Safari gives you four search engines to pick one from, namely:
[listNum]■Google (Default)
Selecting a different, your preferred search engine for Safari is simple. Here’s how:
    Get to the Safari settings window
    Tap Settings > Safari. This opens the Safari window that allows you to manage all the settings related to the web browser.


    Get to the Search Engine window
    Tap Search Engine from under the SEARCH section. This opens the Search Engine window that contains the list of all the search engines available for Safari.

    Pick a search engine

Tap any search engine of your choice. This makes the selected search engine the default searching platform for Safari.