Manually Calibrating the Jawbone Up24

The Jawbone Up24 can accurately track data without additional manual calibration, but the developers do say that calibration refines the band’s ability to measure distance traveled. Calibrating the band involves navigating to the Jawbone app to a specific activity.

Step 1: Plan the activity you would like to calibrate. Do this by looking at a map or using a common route so that you know the exact distance of the exercise.

Step 2: Use the Jawbone while completing your exercise. You can put your band in Stopwatch mode by pressing the button twice and holding on the second press until the Sun flashes three times. Complete the walk or run and press and hold the button so the band returns to Awake mode.

Step 3: Press the mode button once so that the band will sync with the app.

Step 4: Select the band symbol on the app on the right corner of the screen. Click on the first option to select band details.

Step 5: Select Calibrate under this menu option. Your logged activities will appear on the right of the screen. Select the activity you want calibrated.

Step 6: Tap Calibrate to sync the band and complete the changes. Make sure you adjust the distance as needed.

Recap: You can repeat the calibration process for a number of distance activities. This will only further refine your distance run and improves you Jawbone Up24 experience. Calibration is only an option and is not needed to accurately track your exercises.