Manually Select Which iOS Apps to Backup

iCloud, cloud storage offered by Apple, enables you to create a backup of the apps on your iPhone. You might want to backup your apps to restore your iPhone after you reset it, since your iPhone reverts back to the factory settings when it is reset. The third party apps that you have installed and backed up can be restored back to your iPhone from iCloud.

When you install a bunch of apps on your phone, you may not want to back up all of them. iOS lets you pick and choose which apps should be backed up to iCloud and which ones can be left alone.

Here is how you can choose the applications that should not be backed up to iCloud when you initialize the backup process on your iPhone:

Note: Since all the apps that your iPhone has are set to be backed up to iCloud, you must turn off the backup feature for the unwanted apps that you do not want iCloud to store.

    ■Long press the Power button to switch on your iPhone.
    ■Swipe your finger from left to right to unlock.

    ■Tap the Settings icon from the home screen.

    ■Locate and tap the iCloud option in the Settings window.

    ■Scroll down and tap the Storage & Backup option in the iCloud window.

    ■Once done, tap Manage Storage on the Storage & Backup interface.

    ■From the Manage Storage window, tap the name of your device (iPhone in this demonstration).

    ■Once done, from the displayed apps list, swipe to turn off the toggle button for the apps you don't want to back up.


Note: The amount of iCloud storage used by each app is shown below the app in the list. Also, since the apps list may be abbreviated, you might need to tap the Show All Apps option from the bottom to view the complete list of installed apps.