Manually Setting Heart Rate Zones on the Mio Link

The Mio Link is a useful fitness tracker that specifically aims to get accurate heart rate measurements. Using a color code, the Link can detect whether you are warming up, in a fat burn zone or in anaerobic exercise, among other types. When you first set up your Mio Link, make sure it can detect your first heart rate measurements while you are staying still.

Step 1: Press and hold the button on your Mio Link until the LED lights up. If the LED light is cyan, then the battery is fully charged. If it is yellow, the battery is below 30%, and if it is red, the battery is almost dead.

Step 2: The LED light will begin pulsing, which means the Mio Link will be searching for your heart rate. Make sure to hold your arm still.

Step 3: When the Mio Link has found your heart rate, the LED light will begin blinking in a slower pattern. The LED color will indicate your heart rate zone. Refer to your user guide to see what color corresponds to your heart rate.

Step 4: If the Mio Link cannot find your heart rate within two minutes, the LED light will flash red and will stop blinking. Look at your user guide for troubleshooting tips, or adjust the Link on your arm to see if you can get an accurate reading.

Recap: The Mio Link should be manually set up this way to your resting heart rate once you get the device, so you can ensure that it works.