Migrate Outlook PST files to Lotus Notes.


Feb 2, 2017
"With fast running time and an increase of technology, the plethora of email clients has been developed for our ease. One common wish by lot is to keep their data safe and secure from other. Migration from one email client to other is commonly found among people who want to go for new email client environment for just a change or by other reasons. Like, migration of Outlook PST file to NSF file, as Outlook is one's preferred desktop email client but lost in security features as compared to Lotus Notes. Conversion of PST to NSF is not easy manually, for this we need a software that can convert PST file to NSF file. Named as, PST to NSF Converter."

What is PST file?

Outlook PST file is a Personal Storage Table for storing data file handled by Microsoft Exchange server, in other words, created by Exchange server or Outlook. These PST files is stored anywhere on your computer and it makes it that much easier for you to keep a backup copy of your PST files or move it from one computer to another. Outlook was developed by Microsoft, which is a standalone email client application. Outlook is used both as desktop-based and web-based email client, so it makes two file format OST file for desktop-based and PST for web-based. It provides facilities such as shared mailboxes and calendars, meeting schedules, to do lists and Exchange public folders but low in security.

What is NSF file?

Lotus Notes NSF file is a Notes storages facility invented by IBM and formally referred to as IBM Lotus Notes or IBM Notes handle by Domino server. Facilitates collective works like, read email, compose an email, calendars, file system, to-do lists, contacts management. Its footing set strong prints on the users due to its high-security features like authentication, encoding etc. Thanks to the reason of high-security options, users are migrating their data from Outlook PST file format to NSF get into that case PST to NSF converter helps users to do that safely.
Note: There no such manual process to Migrate PST to NSF file.

Why do we need to Migrate from Outlook to Lotus Notes?

Users need what they need and get very much attracted when comes the talk of safe keeping their data or protecting it not from read by other that is security. The most highlighting feature of Lotus Notes is the security Features provided for the software users such as authentication, encoding, encryption of Messages and etc.

Migrating Outlook to Lotus Notes using a Software.

PST to NSF Converter is an Outlook to lotus notes NSF conversion tool, a multifunctional software utility designed with a conversion algorithm which helps to tool to do seamless conversion of PST files to NSF files. Reasons for migration from Outlook PST to Lotus Notes can be of many, but there is only one way to convert i.e. PST to NSF converter.

Why need a software to do the migration ?

Because, Conversion is quite easy to do without any headache. The software will provide you various other features that would really be helpful for you. There are lots and lots of converter tools available for your help. Quite easy to use software and various other features like:
• Complete data holders like Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Task etc. converted to Lotus Notes.
• Quick and safe PST to NSF conversion without any data loss or alteration.
• Enable Preview option to view the structure of selected Outlook PST file in a tree view
• Date Range option to save the data of a PST file from a specific date.
• Auto-detect feature to detect the information of selected PST file via software.

How to migrate PST files to NSF files using software?

Step 1: Launch the software, selected PST file will be listed in the edit box.
Step 2: The tool will detect the PST file's information which can be viewed here.
Step 3: The mailbox data of selected PST file will be displayed in a tree-structure view.
Step 4: The selected location will be displayed in the edit box. Now select 'Save item content in text format' or 'Save item content in HTML format'.
Step 5: Within a few seconds, the conversion process gets completed. Click on OK.

I hope this will help you. If you have any query you free to comment down.

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