Monster Hunter World – Fishing Guide


Surprisingly, a lot of stuff about Monster Hunter: World has nothing to do with actually hunting monsters. Instead you can always look for different kind of stuff to collect, capture or craft. Not every activity is worth spending the time on but the one non-monster hunting activity likely to help you enormously is fishing.
Why does going fishing matter?
For one thing, the activity will earn you research points. Also, some fish drop an item when they’re caught. Different species of fish have a number of worthy uses. Most of them can be roasted at the canteen for different items, while others are an item on their own. This makes fishing a very productive pastime activity.

You will uncover the fishing if and when you come across piscine researcher roaming about in the ancient forest. When you find and talk to him, he will most likely give you a critical bounty to complete as a challenge. After you have turned in the fish he demanded at the resource center in Astera, a new ingredient in the canteen will be unlocked.
The researcher won’t tell you about anything how to use your fishing rod. You may not even know that you have one.

Finding and using your fish rod
If you didn’t know, you have a fishing rod already! It is placed in your item bar which is visible on the bottom right of the screen. As soon as you hit the button, you’ll be equipped with a fishing rod. However, the rod can only be cast when you stand next to water that is deep enough for fish.
Whether or not there is fish in the water is rather easy to spot. If you find something moving in the water, there’s likely to be fish otherwise not! All it takes practice and you’ll even begin to identify fish by mere looking at the color of their eyes.
There are different kinds of fish in the monster hunter world. Here’s a brief introduction to the kind of fish you are likely to encounter.
The Best Fish in the Monster Hunter: World
Whet Fish

You want to look for this fish because this will drop a scale that you can sharpen your weapons faster than the Whetstone you own. Whet fish is easily available in almost every water that is likely to contain fish. But a location in the ancient forest can get you access to this fast really quick.

Sushi Fish
This is also relatively common fish just as whet fish. Both fish can be found in similar or the same waters. When you oven-roast a sushi fish scale in the canteen, it will give you three rations and two herbal medicines! Not only you get these free but the herbal medicines also cure you out of being poisoned.

Golden Fish
This fish is found at very specific locations as you delve deeper into the monster hunter world. The golden fish is pretty helpful in generating money once you have had them. They are mostly found in the coral highlands located in the northeast of the camp.