Monster Hunter World – How to Create Squad and Start Online Session?


Monster Hunter World has introduced some impressive cooperative gaming experience of the players. You are able to go out on quests together and hunt for monsters as well. But, before playing co-op with your friends, you need to understand some basics like creating a squad or starting an online session. So check out the step by step guide below:
Creating a Squad:
Before starting the co-op mode of the game, you will have to first complete the quest Jagras of the Ancient Forest. Once you have completed this quest, you will then start the process of playing with your friends. If you own console, you will have to go through an additional step of creating a squad. But for players on PC, the system of the squad is replaced with the Steam Group Functionality. In Monster Hunter World, squads are equal to the clans or guilds in other online games. So to create the squad you need to do the following things:
- Look for the large lift present at the rear of the Astera and then select the Gathering Hub that is located on Level 4.

- Once you reach the Gathering Hub turn to the right and you will see a Notice Board and women at a desk, this woman is squad manager. You will be able to create the squad and invite your friends by speaking with her.

- Now if you want to invite your friends to the squad, you need to open the Start Menu and then navigate to the Communication tab.
- Once you are there, select the squads from the list and you will be able to invite your friends and manage your squad.

Starting Online Session:
Once your squad is created and all of your friends are in the squad, you need to do the following things to start the online session:
- Reach the nearest notice board and then select “Start an Online session.” There, choose the Squad Session Search. If there is no squad session, one will be created. Tell your friends to do the same and they will be included in the squad session that you create.

- You can check whether your friends are inside the same session or not by going to Start Menu=>Communications=>Selecting Player List. There, you will be able to see the list with your friends on it.
- Now in the future, whenever you start Monster Hunter World just start the Squad Session to make it easier for you to locate your friends.
- At this point, you and your friends will be able to see each other in the Gathering Hub but not in the Tradeyard or some other areas. So now that your squad is sorted, you can play quests with one another with ease.
By following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to create a squad in the console and start an online session as well. Just make sure to follow all steps accurately.