Monster Hunter World - A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest Quest Guide

The quest involves hunting a monster that likes to fly a lot. So you may face some trouble in keeping up with it and killing it quickly. Anyways, if you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it then refer to the guide below:
You will track down and kill a monster in this quest pretty much like most of the quests that you do in the game. In this quest, your objective is to track and then slay a monster named Rathalos which will not be going down easy.

So if you complete the objective successfully, you will be rewarded with a generous amount of 5400z which is sufficient at this point. Also, the time limit for completing this quest is 50 minutes and if you run out of time during the quest, you will fail the quest. You will also fail the quest if you faint three times during it. Lastly, the Hunter Rank required to start the quest is eight which you should have by now as you have completed several quests that required eight rank. So with everything out of the way, let’s start working on completing the quest:
1. The Rathalos is very similar to the monster Rathian which you fought previously, most of their attacks are similar. Also, the Rathalos likes to stay in the air for a long time so your flash pods will not work on it. The lair of the Rathalos is in AREA 16 where Rathian’s lair is as well.

2. So if Rathian has a lair same as the Rathalos, it is possible that you come across it as well. And that means you may have to fight two monsters at the same time. But don’t do that, just focus on the Rathalos. With that said, Rathalos is highly mobile as he ventures between the AREA 14 and AREA 15 and it has a special type of wings that allow it to transverse vertical areas faster than you can think.

3. So that means you may need to do some chores in tracking it. Now comes the part of fighting, the wings, tail and head of the Rathalos are weak and the head is the most susceptible to damage but the tail is severable and is the easiest target.

4. Since the Rathalos stays in the air for a long time, targeting its wings might be a good idea as well. Also, the monster is vulnerable to the Dragon element attacks and is not vulnerable to any ailments. So fight it while keeping these things in mind.

Once you have defeated the Rathalos, carve it and this will end the quest. Once the quest is ended, you will be rewarded with a decent amount of 5400z.