Monster Hunter World: All Piscine Researcher Critical Bounties

There is a large number of quests in the monster hunter world. Some of these quests will remain glued to you HUD forever even if your focus is on other things. You will get some research while you are out on an expedition. Some of the quests in the MHW are critical bounties given to you from the endemic life researcher or the piscine researcher.
This guide aims to focus on what is a piscine researcher and the quests that you get from it.
Piscine researcher critical bounties
Piscine researcher gives you six critical bounties. Most of these bounties earn small reward but the final quest grants you a golden wyverian print which can be redeemed at the elder melder. The significance of this print, and by extension of this quest and piscine researcher, is that the print allows you to craft gems out of them that are found in rarity in the monster hunter world.
Below is a mention of which quests are granted to you by the piscine researcher and a brief synopsis of what you are supposed to do in that quest.
- Ancient Forest Research Help – that requires to capture Pink Paraxus

- Wildspire Waste Research Help – requiring the capture of Sushfish

- Coral Highlands Research Help – players are supposed to capture Gunpowderfish

- Rotten Vale Research Help – involves capturing of Goldenfish

- Elder Recess Research Help - you are supposed to capture Platinumfish

- Research Help – Capturing the Ancient
It is good to look at the map before heading out on an expedition. When you hover over a location, a key will prompt giving you important details. If the piscine researcher is listed there, you will find them at that location, and will be able to get quests from them if you already don’t have it.
Inquiring about the critical bounties you already have
To see which of the critical bounties you already have, which ones have been done, and which bounties are yet to be picked up, go to Astera and visit the resource center. Current or active critical bounties would be in the list with a lit-text around them. The greyed-out bounties are the ones which have been done and dusted with. And the bounties that are yet to be done will be absent from this list altogether. You can use this information to check for undone quests by comparing them with a list.
Keep in mind that once you are done the first five critical bounties, the sixth bounty will be given in a location more random than it would seem. Don’t panic here. All you need is to bring out the map, hover over the location and you can scan every location for the piscine researcher. Once found, visit them and get the final critical bounty to finish the quest.