Monster Hunter World - Anjanath Guide

Anjanath is a very aggressive monster that deals a lot of damage. If you want to get out alive when engaged with it, you should keep the things mentioned below in mind:
General Information:

The Anjanath is one of the two monsters that appear in two assignments, the first is low rank and the second is a high rank. This monster appears to be the cause of frustration in many players as this is one of the strongest monsters in the game and is definitely stronger than all the monsters you have faced yet. It has appeared in several quests including; The Encroaching Anjanath, One Helluva Sinus Infection, Tickled Pink, It Can’t See You If You Don’t Move, Trespassing Troublemaker and Special Arena: HR Anjanath.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
When it comes to the strengths of the Anjanath, it is very strong against the Fire element and moderately strong against the Dragon elements. And in the ailments, it is just somewhat strong against the Blast ailment. If we talk about the weaknesses then Anjanath is very weak against the Water element and moderately weak against the Ice and Thunder elements. And in the ailments, it is moderately weak against the Poison, Paralysis, Stun and Sleep ailments. The weak points of the Anjanath include its head and tail where the head is more receptive to the damage. The head and legs are breakable and the tail is severable.

First of all, make sure to get a good meal to fill up your HP before the combat and also boost up your defenses. Also make sure to have a fire resistant armor. This is going to be very helpful while fighting the Anjanath because when this monster is enraged, it will make an attack where it sends a brief flare around the mouth which can set you on fire. So having the Fire resistance will definitely come in handy.

The Anjanath is the most dangerous monster you have faced yet. It is aggressive and very hard hitting with incredible durability. Its constant roaring and short charges are enough to keep the hunters off balance. It has a front-heavy offensive attaching where it uses bites, tail sweeps, kicks, and charges that include a short rush which deals a lot of damage. Anjanath is very daunting in the close ranged combats but being at a distance can sometimes be a problem as well because it covers a good distance when it is charging.

As Anjanath gets enraged, its frills will extend and will become more aggressive with another weapon; the fire breath which it uses to spew mighty blasts and sweep a wide area with fire. If you get caught in the fire, just dodge roll three times to put it out.
This all that you need to know about the Anjanath. It is indeed a dangerous monster so make sure you keep the things given in this guide in your mind when you fight it.