Monster Hunter World: Arena Coins

There are certain ‘optional’ activities in the monster hunter world. One of which is called the arena which gives players an opportunity to hunt a specific monster and earn the loot from its remains in the hopes of getting an Arena coin.

Arena coins are very special kind of coins that are very hard to come by. It is critically important to get them in order to gain access to armor sets in MHW.
This guide will help you in getting the arena coins.
What do Arena Coins do?
These coins serve as a material in crafting distinguished pieces of armor and weapons. Before going to the smithy to craft these items, you must ensure that you have all the right material needed to craft the stuff you need.
Finishing the Arena missions gives you two sets of armors. One of these sets is a low-rank armor and the other is a high-rank armor set.

To unlock the lower rank armor, you are required to finish either the limited quest or any one of the beginner quests. You can do either of the two and get the low-rank armor set unlocked.
Unlocking the higher rank armor set is a bit different than unlocking the low-rank armor. In order for the high-rank armor set to unlock, players must complete the high-rank arena fight. As this is a higher rank armor, players obviously need to stand on higher rank to be qualified enough to play the quest.

Getting more and more arena coins is a task of continuing nature which means the players will have to keep playing the game successfully completing the missions given to them to be done in the arena in order to continue receiving the arena coins. The number of coins you get increase depending on the difficulty level of the mission and how fast you are able to complete it. Finishing a more challenging mission in less time will definitely earn you more of the arena coins.
How to Get Arena Coins?
Remember that there are two kinds of arena quests in the monster hunter world. Make sure not to confuse one with the other. There are certain arena quests in the ‘optional’ section of the quest board but you’re NOT going for these. You need to look for those arena quests that are found in the gathering hub through talking with the Arena lass at the Arena counter.

From here, you will get five loadout options that you can use during your fight. Sticking with a weapon you are good at using is a good idea, especially if farming the arena coins is what you are looking for.
You will receive the arena coins after successfully hunting a beast in the arena. Slaying a monster in the quickest manner possible gives you the best chance at receiving the coins.
Normally, the arena coins are specific to the kind of monster you kill. Defeating, for example, a Pukei-Pukei monster will earn you the Pukei coin.