Monster Hunter World: Arms and Weapon Affinity Guide


Monster Hunter World Affinity is a facet of the game that mostly remains unknown to you when you start off your great adventure. Through this guide, you’ll be walked through the manner that could help you understand how can you use affinity in your maximum advantage while selecting the best weapons to equip your character player with. This will enable you to inflict the heavy amount of damage to huge monsters in a relatively short amount of time.
Explanation of the MHW Affinity
The most overpassed skill in the monster hunter world, the Affinity skill could give you the powers to inflict heaviest damages on the monster attacking you during a fight. You can boost your affinity not just through weapons but there are also certain other armor items that provide your character with an added chance of hitting a massive hit at the monster resulting in the beast’s critical injuries.
Monster Hunter World Weapon Affinity
Every single weapon drawn from the Smithy in monster hunter world bears an affinity stat when you first pick it up. However, the difference is about the positive and negative percentage that varies from weapon to weapon. The weapons come with varying affinity bonuses attached to them.

This percentage basically tells the extent to which a weapon is capable of inflicting damage to the monster compared with the percentage affinity of the other weapon. As soon as you see a bright orange number erupt out of a monster instead of the usual gray number, you should know that you’ve landed a lethal hit on the monster.
This doesn’t seem like a huge bonus but critical hits could leave the monster in stunned, especially hit on their heads, and if you need some part of them broken off, you should make deadly attacks on their wings, legs, and parts.
Armor Affinity Skills in MHW
In addition, weapons, armor skills are equally important if you need to give your Affinity a bonus boost stat. Those skills are described below.
- Affinity sliding helps increase your affinity skills when you take a short slide
- Attack boosts enhances your affinity skills as well as increasing your attack power

- Critical draw adds to the effectiveness of the attacks, boosting their hit power

- Critical eye adds the long-lasting increase to your affinity skill
To see further bonuses granted to you by your equipped armor items, check the ‘equipment info’ option in the pause menu. Press the middle button and the complete list of current skills bonuses will pop up. Remember that controls vary for Xbox one and Dualshock 4.

From this list, you can see if there are any items in the armory that can give you any of the affinity boosts that have been listed above.