Monster Hunter World: Beginner’s Guide


As you are aware, Monster Hunter World has been launched for the PCs too. So now you can play the game on both the computer and the console, while battling monsters at tropical and hazardous locations.
This is a short monster hunter world guide for beginner’s that contains guidelines that will not only give you a basic overview of the game but will also help you get better at it. The guide also leads you through the opening few hours of the game teaching you how to effectively use the different types of weaponry against the monsters.
Some Beginner Tips:
As monster hunter world launches for the PC, lots of new audience is expected to join in the mammoth fighting world. If you are one of the new comers, look carefully at the following tips
1. The green floating things that you see are the scout flies. These flies are your guide to the new surrounding areas.

2. As soon as you discover a monster detail in the environment and establish an interaction with it, the reading on your tracking meter for that monster goes up. This means you need to be alert, a monster is nearby.
3. Always craft the potions using herbs either during or before encountering a monster. Pause the game, and hit the potions menu if you need one on the fly.

4. You are advised to spot and hit the weak spots of the monster in order to bring it down quickly and land quite a damage to it.
5. You can find the weak spot by continually hitting on the different limbs and areas on the monster. As you see a bright orange light coming off as a damage marker, well you have successfully targeted the weak spot.
6. By targeting the soft spots on the beast, you will receive increased rewards when the quest is over. For larger monsters, you can even cut their tails off.

7. You can mount a flying monster if you just put some extra effort. The process is simple, you just need to look for a cliff or hill and climb on it. Then leap from there on to the monster and you will automatically mount it. And even if you miss, there is no fall damage.

After you customize and fully create your player, you will aboard a ship to a new world where you will be facing new monsters. This is your task to make the continent safe for the settlers. In the continent, you will encounter the most dangerous and powerful monsters in this land which is full of mysteries. And every monster is equipped with different strengths and powers. The monsters also abide in different habitats and have starkly differing hunting habits. And at that time, the aforementioned tips will help you get better at the game and enable you to get most out of your gaming experience.