Monster Hunter World - Best Weapons

If you are new to MHW, you will definitely need to equip your character with weapons to engage and kill the beasts. This guide will help you select the best weapons you could use to land maximum damage to the monsters in short time without exposing your character to any risks.
Great Sword
An impactful massive weapon whose trustworthiness dates back to the very roots of the game, Great Sword’s pliable DPS makes it the most favourite weapon by the majority of MHW veterans.
Though the Great Sword does not have the movability or the glamour of other more sophisticated and technologically advanced weapons, it stands up for its namesake and provides powerful defense and attack during the engagement. What makes it vulnerable is its slow pace as the Great Sword takes time to swing.

Long Sword
Despite Capcom’s categorization of Long sword as a light weapon, the weapon is quite mobile and adroit. With an impressive range, one could not remain without becoming a fan of Long Sword’s spirit blade which allows the players the chance to uplift their attack power.
The worst shortcoming of the Long Sword is the absence of defense. Unless the player has excellent maneuverability and tactics, they may be targeted easily. The annoying ‘trip’ on the weapon causes a distraction in your teammates’ way making them difficult to play.

Heavy Bowgun
Seemingly a handheld cannon, heavy bowgun is basically a ranged weapon. Heavy bowgun derives its expanded powers from the varied arsenal of firepower. The HBG should be used cautiously from a safe distance from the target.
The updated version of the bowgun allows the player to move while targeting. HBG is not a good choice for solo monster fighting. It is recommended to use HBG only when you are playing on a team. The downside is HBG’s low availability of ammo, which you need to stock beforehand.

Charge Blade
This is dual purpose weapon that you can switch between a shield and a sword combo into an all-powerful axe. Charge blade is normally specified as a technical weapon. Moreover, the blade is known to give transformers style feel to the players, allowing players to store the energy saved during a shield attack, and releasing it back by switching into the high-powered axe attack.
The blade is not meant for those players who follow a less repetitive attack strategy. But no other weapon would be more suited to your need if you prefer high-powered reliable attacks.

Dual Blades
The light-weighted weapon in design yet Dual blades constitute unbelievably fast attacks capable of taking down monsters with a full flurry of force. It is not the heaviest weapon but still their ninja-like looks give them high adaptability especially while entering demon mode. This is a particular mode during which players release a surge of continuing slash attacks, giving them a resemblance with a ninja move.