A multitude of monster bones is found throughout the monster hunter world. Ancient bone, Boulder bone, and Warped bone are the most prominent types of monster bones that you might want to collect. The significance of these bones is that you can use them to craft incredibly powerful weapons and armor sets. This monster hunter world bone guide will lead you to the most sought-after bone items in MHW.
Monster Hunter World Boulder Bone
Your best chance at getting a monster boulder bone actually comes from exploring your surroundings rather than from killing a monster. Scavenge your surroundings as deeply as you can. You may head to the Wildspire waste and look for bonepiles which you can easily spot around the entire map, ranging from the desert area in the north to the swampy area spreading across the south.

Looking for bonepiles is quite a reasonable way of finding boulder bones. Another way to acquire one boulder bone is to slay a Barroth monster in the Wildspire area. Taking this beast down consumes more time than it takes to find bonepiles but the reward is worth the struggle.

Monster Hunter World Ancient Bone
Beware that this is a particularly rare item in the monster hunter world but quite valuable nonetheless as the ancient bone is used to craft bone, Rathian, and Jagras armor sets. However, you can find ancient bone in one of the starting areas of the monster hunter world known as the ancient areas. Just as with other bone items, your best chance of acquiring ancient bone is in simply scrubbing the map from top to bottom for bonepiles. This will lead you to the places where your bets of coming by an ancient bone are high.

Monster Hunter World Warped Bone
Just like the boulder bone, your best chance at getting a warped bone is in the deceitful area of the rotten vale region. This region is home to one of the most ferocious monsters called Odogaron. Once here, buff the map starting from the upper going to the lower levels in search of bonepiles. These bonepiles are pretty significant because these happen to be your best bet in getting your hands at the warped bone.

Monster Hunter World Monster Bone +
You can obtain a monster bone + only by following a few methods that have been tried and tested for quite some time now. You need this bone because with this, you can craft some of the high-ranking weapons in the monster hunter world. Another way to get this is as a reward by solving the two quests called ‘A Fiery Throne atop the Forest’ and ‘A Horned Tyrant Below the Sands’.
Additionally, there are certain dragons that could drop the monster bone + as soon as they get defeated. Diablos, Odogaron, and Ratholes are some of these dragons.