Monster Hunter World - Chef Quest! A Rotten Request Quest Guide

Another quest that involves hunting the monsters that you have fought before but the reward is decent so you should have no problem in completing it. If you want to know more about the quest, refer to the guide given below:
This is one of those quests where you have to slay more than one monster. And these type of quests are always fun as you get more action in a single quest. And the best thing is that you get a decent reward for slaying a couple of small monsters. So coming back to the topic, your task here is to kill 10 Girros which you have fought before.

These are not the Great Girros but share the same traits. So therefore, it will not be an arduous task for you to find them and then kill them. If you complete the quest successfully, you will be rewarded with a decent reward of 5400z which is not a bad amount considering the easiness of the quest. So you will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete this quest and if you do not complete it in that time, you will fail the quest. You will also fail the quest if you fain three times during the quest but that seems unlikely as the Girros are very easy enemies. Lastly, you will be required to have a Hunter Rank of 11 to start the quest. So with the basics out of the way, let’s start the quest:
- Although this is a very easy quest, you should be prepared for the quest with a good meal and some appropriate weapons as you may face other monsters on your way as well. So to find the Girros, you will have to go to the AREA 6 to the AREA 9.

- You may find the Girros sometimes in the company of the great Girros. But it should not be an issue as you have already faced the great Girros so you know all of its weaknesses, attacks and vulnerable points. With that said, go to the areas mentioned above and look for the Girros.

- Try to find the Girros in the AREA 9. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that you will not find any Raphinos there as there is a chance of running into it in the AREA 6 to AREA 8. And the second reason is that you will be really close to the central camp it is a quick walk to there from the AREA 9.

- If you do not find enough Girros to kill in the aforementioned areas, you may have to go deep inside the toxin to find some more or you can just wait as the packs of Girros are fairly mobile and they spawn quickly.

Anyhow, when you kill all 10 Girros, the quest will end and you will be rewarded with a generous amount of 5400z.