Monster Hunter World Crafting Guide


In order to put an effective defense against a monster in the monster hunter world, you need to know how to make essential items like potions, and trap on fly etc. And to do that, you absolutely need to learn how to craft. This monster hunter world guide will teach you all steps necessary for crafting a number of items. You will also be able to learn how you can increase your haul of mushrooms, plants and other items.
Getting the Items:
One way to master the MHW is to explore everything when you’re strolling about in the Ancient forest, Wildspire waste, and many more areas. The items you come by while roaming about may be used to craft incredibly powerful weapons and armor items.

Your scout flies detect nearby plants and items when you are exploring maps on the Rotten Vale or Coral Highlands. Items that you can collect include plants, bugs, and fungi. In order to detect the nearby items, you can either follow the trails left by your scout flies or you can do so by manually pressing the map from game controllers.

When you have decided which items you want, you can go after them following the map. As you cannot carry more than 24 items with yourself, you’ll need to rush to the nearest camp and store your collectibles in the item box. You won’t be collecting the items on your own as your guide Palico will be helping you harvest bugs, fungi, and plants wherever you chose to go in the MHW.
Regardless of the nature of the quest, be it a mission or an expedition, Palico will be out there looking for collectable items.
Crafting Items in the Monster Hunter World
Now that you have collected and harvest the items, you obviously want to craft stuff out them. To do that, go to the pause menu, no matter what your location. Now select the ‘crafting list’ option, and you’ll be taken to another menu where you’ll find all the crafting menus possible. This menu shows crafting even for those items which you don’t even have. But this option turns out to be quite useful in that it will tell you what you need to scavenge for to make what you want. For example, if you can’t craft an antidote, you’ll know from here that you need to go and explore for the antidotal herbs.

In monster hunter world, you can’t craft items belong to three categories:
- Ammo/coatings
- Healing/support
- Traps/offense
Recommended Items that you should craft in MHW
Some of the recommended items that will be useful especially in combats are:
- Potion-prepared from herb
- Mega potion-prepared using a combo of honey and potion
- Antidote-prepared using an antidote herb
- Tranq Bomb-requires a combination of sleep herb and parashroom
- Shock trap-to be prepared by combining trap tool and thunderbag

You’re advised to keep a little stock of herbs in your inventory items as this will allow you to craft potions and mega potions whenever you need a health boost.