Monster Hunter World: Decoration Farming

One of the many amazing things you get to learn in the monster hunter world is decoration farming. The decorations are extremely valuable items that are introduced into the game but not until you have unlocked certain high-rank activities, and that you are accustomed to increasing your power further. The problem with decorations is that they are not easy to find.

There are some tedious but effective ways to increase your odds of receiving them. Farming the decorations is a bit slow process but it is a great option. This guide will help you through the process to obtain the decoration farming in MHW.
How to Farm Decorations?
You receive decorations as rewards from finishing the quests and these are basically little gems. Certain high-rank quests are specifically known to drop these rewards. As decorations could be applied to the very specific type of armor and weapons, you will, therefore, have to get rid of a lower-rank gear. Unless you equip your character player with the appropriate high-rank armor set and weapons, having decorations is entirely futile.

There are certain ways you can get your hands on the decorations and can learn how to effectively farm them. The best of these means for farming the decorations is to finish some limited-time event quests. You can find these quests on the quest board. Some of these quests involve slaying smaller monsters. Once, monster hunter world offered a quest that required players to slay 13 Shamos but sadly this mission is no longer available. Although there are other longer and tougher event quests as they consume a lot more time than the simpler quests, choosing them to farm decorations is not really a good idea.

- Easier quests are also very rewarding in the sense that you’re always likely to get something out of them. A small quest called ‘Triple Threat Throwdown’ is known to reward players as many as five decorations in a single time and can be easily finished within fifteen minutes.
- Higher your hunter rank, the higher your chance of receiving decorations. It is suggested that as your hunter-rank grows into the double digits, you should be looking for what is called ‘tempered investigations’. These tempered investigations are believed to be some of the more reliable sources of acquiring decorations.

- Another way you can receive the decorations is hunting the elder dragons such as the likes of Zorah Magdaros, and Nergigante. These dragons are all very likely to drop decorations to reward the hunters. The fights, however, could be severely arduous.
You can always visit the melding pot to make your low-quality decorations into worthwhile items. The melding pod becomes more useful as you progress through the game’s story. It is better to store up the items if you are in the start so that you could increase your funds for the purchase.