The quest Dodogama Drama is the regular tracking and hunting quest but just like always, the monster is different so it will be fun to complete it. If you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it, refer to the guide below:
This is one of the quests where you will have to kill a monster that is bigger and powerful. This is a completely new monster and is a native to Elder’s Recess. Although it is the weakest monster in Elder’s Recess it still is quite powerful, the name of the monster is Dodogama. Your objective is to track and kill Dodogama.

If you successfully complete this quest, you will be rewarded with a more than adequate amount of 9000z. You will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete this quest and if you do not complete it in this amount of time, you will fail the quest. Also, if you faint three times during the quest, you will fail it but you should be fine as you have fought more powerful monsters before. So in order to start the quest, you will be required to have a Hunter Rank of 13 or more which you should have by now. So with the basic of the quest out of the way, let’s start it:
- The Dodogama have many similarities to the Great Jagras. Its body shape and some of the attacks are similar to the Great Jagras so that means you will have some prior experience while fighting this completely new monster.

- When it comes to finding the Dodogama, you will need to go to the western half of AREA 8 or if you don’t find it or any of its tracks there, then go to the AREA 9. Go there and search for its tracks. Once you find them, you will be able to track it.

- When you find the Dodogama, you will then just have to engage with it. So one of the important things that you need to keep in mind about the Dodogama is that it devours rocks and then spit them out as the explosive magma which can do a lot of damage if you do not dodge in a timely manner. Besides that, it also charges that can sometimes go a long way or sometimes end in a short distance. Also, the charges leave a trail of fire behind it.

- The weakest spots of the Dodogama are its tail and its face. The face is more receptive to the damage and the tail is severable. The head of the Dodogama and the belly are breakable and it is weak to fire element and the poison ailment.

So keep these things in mind while fighting the Dodogama and once you kill it, carve it and the quest will end. You will then get a reward of 9000z.