Monster Hunter World: Gathering Hub Areas Guide

This monster hunter world guide aims to help you learn how can you start quests, to know about the canteen, and where you can find a workshop and the canteen. It will also help you understand how to benefit from the armor range.
You should know that the gathering hub area holds central importance in monster hunter world as it serves as a key base for all your quests and missions into the new continent in which the game’s theme has been set.
Entering Gathering Hub Area
Once you have successfully completed the maiden mission along with handler, you would make it to what is called base camp. From there on, you will be welcomed into the gathering hub area in the monster hunter world which happens to be the primary hub area for the game.

Hub area acts as your central base from where you can embark on quests, go on to expeditions into the wild, and most importantly you can as well engage with NPC characters from this area to craft fresh gear, and enhance your existing stock of items.
In the gathering hub area in the monster hunter world, you will go through certain areas, and meet certain characters whose names and functions are discussed below.
1. Tradeyard: It’s the ground floor of the gathering area. You will find all the commanders around a planning table, resource center, and the botanical research area.

2. Workshop: In the workshop, you will find the Smithy and the Armory both of which can improve your current weapons and armors as well as craft brand new items for you.

3. Canteen: Here you can buy food platters that give you a boost for your coming missions. The handler can also be seen sitting around who’ll occasionally give you quests to solve.

4. Gathering Hub: This happens to be the area for multiplayer where you can go and hang out with other people online. You can also take special arena quests from this area to earn rewards.
You might want to know that over any area mentioned above, you can find quest boards. These quest boards can be used to find story missions, side missions, or even if you want to help other players in their monster hunt.

If you are looking for the actual gathering hub area, it is located at the very top of the overall hub area. When here, you can arm wrestle with other players to prove your strength as well as take on arena quests to earn rewards.
Gathering hub area can help you form a team to start online missions or you can seek the help of other players in taking down the powerful beast tackling you. The hub area has lots of amazing stuff which you continue to unlock as you progress in the monster hunter world solving more and more quests.
For every monster that you take down, you can go to the workshop area and have an opportunity to craft fresh armor from the Smithy.