Monster Hunter World: How to Capture Pets to Decorate your Room?

One of the best things about monster hunter world is that it serves an excellent title for those players who want to test their mettle against the giant, powerful monsters. This is actually what monster hunter world is created for. However, the monster hunter world offers a lot more than just hunting and killing ogres. The makers of the game created more than one way for players through which they can decorate their virtual homes by domesticating different pets in the monster hunter world.
This brief guide will help players learn those tricks that they need to understand in order to capture and domesticate pets in the monster hunter world.
Capturing Pets in Monster Hunter World
During their quests in the monster hunter world, players come across a tiny but non-hostile critter that wasn’t worthy of the risk associated with its peers. It transpires that for the first time, the creators of the monster hunter world have enabled these little friendly creatures to be captured for the decorations of players’ homes back in Astera.

- Although these pets give players no material benefits except for the fact that their presence a house into a real home.
- Before going out to hunt a pet for you, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment needed to lure the creature into your trap. Don’t worry as it doesn’t take any extraordinary effort to see if you have the equipment or not. All you require is what is called standard capture net for the net launcher.

- Once this standard net is in position for the deployment, it becomes relatively comfortable to catch a pet as well as an animal. Using the net requires some focus and trick. Bring the net closer to the creature that you want to catch, and then hover the crosshair over the orange. Keep doing so until the light turns orange. As soon as you see an orange glow emitting, immediately deploy the net.

- Remember that you can only keep non-hostile and smaller things like frogs and bugs as pets. In monster hunter world, there is no way you could pet a monster. Basically, your choice of pets is limited to smaller creatures such as birds, bugs, and frogs. Anything beyond these which is hostile is not possible to be petted.

- Having captured the pet, head back to your home in Astera and speak with the housekeeper who will let you add the captured creature to your house and place them wherever you want.

The pets don’t offer too much interaction and they can be fed anytime the player is resting in the home. Also, if you have a pet you can approach it for a number of amusement activities depending on the creature type that you own.